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When you hire Zeusco Web Design, it’s like working with your own, in-house professional design department. Here’s our Web design philosophy in a nutshell: No matter what kind of website you want to build business, personal, educational, fan, news, family, etc. we understand that you aren’t building the site just for your personal satisfaction.


As a freelancer, I am not required to charge exorbitant prices for my services. I have no employees and I do not require the services of subcontractors. Being 100% self-sufficient saves my customers a lot of money. I am able to offer the same services as any design company for a fraction of the cost.


I am focused on delivering effective Web-based sites and solutions that deliver a positive impact. Your Web site is one of the most important communication vehicles for your business. 

A properly designed internet presence can effectively promote your brand message and deliver a compelling user experience. My customized approach to web design and development combines state-of-the-art technology skills, solutions and a personal client focus for your website success. As I work on your web site, I'll stay focused on your goal and objectives and work to design a site that fulfills both your needs and your targeted audiences needs - because the success of your site will be directly related to how well it engages your targeted audience. You'll have an opportunity to review my work while in progress, request changes, and approve it.

My professional website design services are not only intended to be visually pleasing but Zeusco web design service also includes full meta tags, robot commands and search engine submission and browser compatibility services. When I provide you with your free custom website design quote you will see that along with overviewing your specific website design goals for your website project, I will also include a list of services within the quote that you may not have realized you needed, but is important to the success of your website. Each quote I provide for web design service will include the following:

  • Basic keyword optimization with metatag building for Search Engine Optimization (Meta Tags Title, Description, Keywords & Robots Files etc for behind html code).
  • Optimization of the images to find the fine line between quality and load time on average users Internet connection.
  • Cross Browser testing of site pages (Your site will be compatible with ALL Internet browsers such as Microsoft Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, etc).
What does this mean to you? This means when you use Zeusco website design services your website will be:

  • A Website that conveys the appropriate image to your customers.
  • A Website with a layout that is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.
  • A Website that is viewable and compatible with ALL web browsers that your visitors may use.
  • A Website that is viewable and compatible with ALL Mobile Devices that your visitors may use.
  • A Website that has been submitted to the search engines for indexing.
  • A Website that is coded so that the search engines can easily understand your market and crawl your website code.


A web site redesign can be a vital step towards the success of your website. If you already have site web, but you feel it doesn't look as professional as you would like, or it's not performing as you would like, I can help you by re-designing the entire website. 


Lower Pricing

You may ask why I choose to do website design as a freelancer as opposed to a large corporation or business. The answer is simple. Having worked for several very large corporations in the past I see a value in smaller based operations; Lower Pricing, Faster Turnaround, A More Personal Experience.

Faster Turnaround

Unlike many design companies who have to rely on several different smaller companies or groups of website specialists, I am able to do everything in-house. Meaning... I have the ability to accomplish every aspect of your website design without the delays caused by many of the hangups that arise when dealing with third parties.

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